Rebuilding of Bagnall 3050

Rustenberg Platinum Mines No. 4
Welsh Highland Railway 'Gelert'

Fresh from the Rustenberg Platinum Mines, No 4 is unloaded at the Welsh Highland Railway in 1982

Sitting in No5 Road at Gelerts Farm (now occupied by fellow exSouth African locomotive NG15 No 120) No 4 looks very forlorn, a similar state that fellow South African Bagnal 'Sinembe' looks today.
7 Years later and nothing much has happened, apart from being painted Black, and moved into No1 Road.

The Locomotive in front is its sister from Rustenberg No3, Bagnal 3023.

Another 2 years and a lot has happened, stripped down the frames are seen inside the 'Big Shed' at Gelert's Farm.
Having made repairs to the boiler, the next major job is re-tubing it.
Some time later, and the boiler is placed into a Hudson Bogie Wagon, for its first Steam test. Happily this test was past, and restoration continued.
Bagnall 3050 was officially named 'Gelert' in 1992. Here, 'Gelert' leaves the shed at Gelerts Farm, and prepares to take a loaded train out of Porthmadog Station.

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